One of the most exciting parts of finishing my education at BCFE was coming away with a completed graduate short entitled “The Teacup“. It is a cautionary tale about a man who is afraid to go outside. The film has been on a festival run since September 2015, when the film had its international premier at Warsaw Film Fest.

“The voiceover tells the story in an almost childlike fashion, along with the atmospheric piano accompaniment, and the use of floating [lights] maintain the magical quality throughout. This is a well-paced, creative and magical production” – ROI Royal Television Society

We were a team of three, and I brought my organisational skills to the team and became the film’s Production Manager and the administrator/writer of the film’s blog, theteacupfilm.tumblr.com. Additionally, I performed the role of Animation Director. The film is primarily hand drawn; the animation process began on paper, and was then cleaned up and coloured in Photoshop with the Anim-Dessin plug-in. Below you can see some samples of my work on the film.

The film’s trailer, which I animated and composited. Background art by Francesca Saunders. 


A gallery of stills, keys, design work, and story/concept art. 



A reel of my animation work on the film.